Monday, February 4, 2008

BoBo Agency

Greetings all you amazing and highly lovable people!

Have I got news for you this evening!

Hold the press, this; just in!

The Divine Baze Orchestra, also known as the guardians of the Swedish woods, have signed a deal with totally far out booking agency, BoBo Agency.

This means that the vines and roots of the forest will spread all over Scandinavia. So keep an eye out, you people of the north.
We will be gigging on a much more regular basis. Why not come and listen to us? Or perhaps you would like to just share a pint and discuss the issues of the current world? Anyway, everyone, old, young, weak or strong, are welcome. There is much love to be received!

By the way, two new roadies have been recruited to the band wagon. Long haired weirdos...

Keep dancing people and be loving to both nature and people, for we all are one!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!


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