Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bass player lost; new one found!

Greetings my friends!
I hope all is well with you people out there!

I have both sad and glad news for you today.

First of all Tobias decided, last week, to leave DBO, the forest, the dancing and all of the creatures.
He has wondered off into the city.
We pray to the One in the Swamp for his continued wellbeing and thank him greatly for his efforts and work within the Orchestra. Keep well my friend and think of us in the deep forest, when having a pint at the pub.

Well, naturally, this came as a shock to us in the band, but after meditating in thick clouds of incense for days, it became clear to us that there in fact existed other bass players around our area.

So now we are happy to announce, after auditions, that we have found our man: Joel Berntsson of Gryningstid!

Rehearsals have already begun and we are happy to say that Joel has played beyond our expectations! He really plays with great attack and rhythm. We feel that he really contributes to our sound.

This weekend, we will perform a ritual at the swamp. All the creatures of the woods will be there, the spirits, Herr Vörtpanna, the raven, all of us! We are going to make Joel a part of the forest!
All is bliss, all is bliss!

Thank you for all your support people!

By the way, check out some of the totally far out, amazing reviews of our album! Even the worst one is great!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!


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