Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Black Widow

Good morning people!

I hope all is well with everyone out there and that the balance between body, mind and soul is working.

I write today to tell you of the most wonderful and mysterious things!
For those of you who have heard the trees whisper in the wind, I can only confirm what they have said; we are going to do a version of Black Widows ultra classic song "Come to the Sabbat"!

Clive Jones, original member of Black Widow and writer of "Come to the Sabbat", heard about the rumors and contacted us, most excited!
He let us know how much he loves The DBO and that we have his blessing in the project!

That Clive, not only expressed his big liking for us, but also was very excited and happy about us doing his song, made us jump around and dance for hours through the woods.
What an honour! 'Tis truly the year of the Baze!

Black Widow are such an inspiration to us, so we couldn't dream of anything like this.

So thank you Clive, you're great.

The song will be part of our live set in the near future, but the idea is that we will record it and include it on our next album.
We won't try to copy the original (sacreliege!); it will be a DBO-style version of the song.

Anyway, stay tuned people. Live well. Love all and spread the joy!
Dance in the woods!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The new year

Greetings people!

First of all, I hope that you can all feel the energy that we in the Orchestra are radiating.
We dance in joy with the creatures of the woods to mystical rhythms and songs sung in ancient tongue, all to celebrate this new year; the year of the Baze!

So people, keep an eye out, for there will be many fantastic events all in the name of the Baze and the One in the Swamp!

Otherwise things in the forest go well. We are at the moment rehearsing new songs and we have received Clive Jones' (from Black Widow!!!!!) blessing to do a cover of his classic masterpiece "Come to the Sabbat". Clive has expressed a huge liking for the DBO and so have the others in Black Widow.

This of course is totally overwhelming and we almost fainted had the air not been so full of oxygen...
So thanks Clive!

We are also discussing the possibility to do a version of this song on our next album.

And before I forget, thanks to all our fans out there! Your response to the album has been totally amazing. Every day I read through tons of mails and messages from people saying such kind and uplifting things about our music. Thanks!
The spirits of the woods look out for you!

If you don't have a copy, check the album out.
Pictured here, is the ultimate proof of how satisfying it is to own a DBO record.
I'm not trying to promote materialism, but I mean, what the heck, just for once?

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!