Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you!

Greetings people of this dimension!

First of all; thanks a million to everyone out there! Thanks for all the beautiful words about the album and us! It really makes it worth all the work.
It feels fantastic that we have been able to reach out and touch people, and we would never have dreamed of being "bombed" by all these positive replies to the album!

So thank you!

Otherwise, we're working hard on the promotion bit.
In all dimensions, in the woods, in the villages, in the sky and space, in the collective consciousness of the world; all forums need to know about us, so help spread the word!

We feel strongly that the creatures of the forest and the lords of the mountains are beside us, pushing the horizon!

So, thank you again, all of you! We truly love you!

Peace and good karma!

Can those fuckers who are killing whales just fuck off!?
Have you ever heard of vegetables? For fucks sake....
Someone doesn't care about the balance of this planet!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The album has hit our planet!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to our new Divine Baze Orchestra blogg!
For all you people out there with a great hunger for real music, we can inform you that our new album "Once we were born...", is out now!
Described as raw, spontaneous, on the edge, but yet complex, smooth and interesting; The Divine Baze Orchestra mix elements of heavy progressive 70's hard rock with jazz, blues and Swedish folk music.

For fans of Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Yes, Budgie, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis etc.

Help us save rock'n'roll!
We play it like it's meant to be.

The album is recorded in a "live"-setting; in other words we recorded all the tracks together in one room and only put down vocals and some solos afterwards.

There are also rumors that we will be supporting legendary Swedish band November!

At the moment we are fully planning for our European tour this spring.

Order our album at

Check our website out too at