Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bass player lost; new one found!

Greetings my friends!
I hope all is well with you people out there!

I have both sad and glad news for you today.

First of all Tobias decided, last week, to leave DBO, the forest, the dancing and all of the creatures.
He has wondered off into the city.
We pray to the One in the Swamp for his continued wellbeing and thank him greatly for his efforts and work within the Orchestra. Keep well my friend and think of us in the deep forest, when having a pint at the pub.

Well, naturally, this came as a shock to us in the band, but after meditating in thick clouds of incense for days, it became clear to us that there in fact existed other bass players around our area.

So now we are happy to announce, after auditions, that we have found our man: Joel Berntsson of Gryningstid!

Rehearsals have already begun and we are happy to say that Joel has played beyond our expectations! He really plays with great attack and rhythm. We feel that he really contributes to our sound.

This weekend, we will perform a ritual at the swamp. All the creatures of the woods will be there, the spirits, Herr Vörtpanna, the raven, all of us! We are going to make Joel a part of the forest!
All is bliss, all is bliss!

Thank you for all your support people!

By the way, check out some of the totally far out, amazing reviews of our album! Even the worst one is great!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!


Monday, February 4, 2008

BoBo Agency

Greetings all you amazing and highly lovable people!

Have I got news for you this evening!

Hold the press, this; just in!

The Divine Baze Orchestra, also known as the guardians of the Swedish woods, have signed a deal with totally far out booking agency, BoBo Agency.

This means that the vines and roots of the forest will spread all over Scandinavia. So keep an eye out, you people of the north.
We will be gigging on a much more regular basis. Why not come and listen to us? Or perhaps you would like to just share a pint and discuss the issues of the current world? Anyway, everyone, old, young, weak or strong, are welcome. There is much love to be received!

By the way, two new roadies have been recruited to the band wagon. Long haired weirdos...

Keep dancing people and be loving to both nature and people, for we all are one!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Black Widow

Good morning people!

I hope all is well with everyone out there and that the balance between body, mind and soul is working.

I write today to tell you of the most wonderful and mysterious things!
For those of you who have heard the trees whisper in the wind, I can only confirm what they have said; we are going to do a version of Black Widows ultra classic song "Come to the Sabbat"!

Clive Jones, original member of Black Widow and writer of "Come to the Sabbat", heard about the rumors and contacted us, most excited!
He let us know how much he loves The DBO and that we have his blessing in the project!

That Clive, not only expressed his big liking for us, but also was very excited and happy about us doing his song, made us jump around and dance for hours through the woods.
What an honour! 'Tis truly the year of the Baze!

Black Widow are such an inspiration to us, so we couldn't dream of anything like this.

So thank you Clive, you're great.

The song will be part of our live set in the near future, but the idea is that we will record it and include it on our next album.
We won't try to copy the original (sacreliege!); it will be a DBO-style version of the song.

Anyway, stay tuned people. Live well. Love all and spread the joy!
Dance in the woods!

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The new year

Greetings people!

First of all, I hope that you can all feel the energy that we in the Orchestra are radiating.
We dance in joy with the creatures of the woods to mystical rhythms and songs sung in ancient tongue, all to celebrate this new year; the year of the Baze!

So people, keep an eye out, for there will be many fantastic events all in the name of the Baze and the One in the Swamp!

Otherwise things in the forest go well. We are at the moment rehearsing new songs and we have received Clive Jones' (from Black Widow!!!!!) blessing to do a cover of his classic masterpiece "Come to the Sabbat". Clive has expressed a huge liking for the DBO and so have the others in Black Widow.

This of course is totally overwhelming and we almost fainted had the air not been so full of oxygen...
So thanks Clive!

We are also discussing the possibility to do a version of this song on our next album.

And before I forget, thanks to all our fans out there! Your response to the album has been totally amazing. Every day I read through tons of mails and messages from people saying such kind and uplifting things about our music. Thanks!
The spirits of the woods look out for you!

If you don't have a copy, check the album out.
Pictured here, is the ultimate proof of how satisfying it is to own a DBO record.
I'm not trying to promote materialism, but I mean, what the heck, just for once?

Klang vfad den vörten mijgh smakar!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you!

Greetings people of this dimension!

First of all; thanks a million to everyone out there! Thanks for all the beautiful words about the album and us! It really makes it worth all the work.
It feels fantastic that we have been able to reach out and touch people, and we would never have dreamed of being "bombed" by all these positive replies to the album!

So thank you!

Otherwise, we're working hard on the promotion bit.
In all dimensions, in the woods, in the villages, in the sky and space, in the collective consciousness of the world; all forums need to know about us, so help spread the word!

We feel strongly that the creatures of the forest and the lords of the mountains are beside us, pushing the horizon!

So, thank you again, all of you! We truly love you!

Peace and good karma!

Can those fuckers who are killing whales just fuck off!?
Have you ever heard of vegetables? For fucks sake....
Someone doesn't care about the balance of this planet!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The album has hit our planet!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to our new Divine Baze Orchestra blogg!
For all you people out there with a great hunger for real music, we can inform you that our new album "Once we were born...", is out now!
Described as raw, spontaneous, on the edge, but yet complex, smooth and interesting; The Divine Baze Orchestra mix elements of heavy progressive 70's hard rock with jazz, blues and Swedish folk music.

For fans of Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Yes, Budgie, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis etc.

Help us save rock'n'roll!
We play it like it's meant to be.

The album is recorded in a "live"-setting; in other words we recorded all the tracks together in one room and only put down vocals and some solos afterwards.

There are also rumors that we will be supporting legendary Swedish band November!

At the moment we are fully planning for our European tour this spring.

Order our album at

Check our website out too at